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Why You Should Buy Toy For Your Cats?

Why You Should Buy Toy For Your Cats?


Ragdolls are known for their cuteness, but they, like all other cats, are regal and reserved. Cats generally do not play as dogs do-they prefer not to run around with a slobbery ball in their mouths or happily fetching sticks for their owners.

They may rather sit around on a nice patch of sunlight or take in the breeze near a screen door. But this does not mean that your kitty should miss out on playtime. Cats love to be stimulated mentally and physically and have a good time playing with their owners.

But when it comes to cats, play is not just a fun activity to pass the time.

For cats that are in the wild, the act of playing is a serious thing because it helps kittens and young cats learn about hunting, especially the important skills of stalking, chasing and trapping their target.

If your cat is an indoor kitty, the basic instinct to hunt is still present. Even the most domesticated cats have it in them. This is why it is critical for you to give the furry, purry members of your family chance to express the behaviors that are just there by nature.

It’s fun to play with your cat and encourages healthy behaviors.

Play provides much-needed exercise for cats, especially the indoor ones. Playing on a regular basis can help your cat stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

Interactive play between yourself and your feline friend may prevent behavior issues that arise from boredom. Also, play is just a fun way for you to interact with your cat and create a strong bond.


You do not need to have a load of bright and shiny toys or expensive feline gadgets to keep your cat entertained and having fun. Our list features a bunch of fun and affordable toys for you and your kitty.

If you have a ping pong ball that you’re not using, even that can be a fun kitty toy.

You should always make sure that the toys you choose for your pet are appropriate for their age and also safe. Make sure that any toy you choose cannot be swallowed by your pet.

Be sure that toys do not have any small parts, buttons or strings that can be bitten and swallowed.

The eyes of some toy mice that we feature in this article, for example, were picked off by most users and discarded so that no cats swallowed them.

Plenty of cats enjoy pouncing on toys that move or feature a feather or bell on the end of the object. This is a great way to play with your cat, as she feels like she is hunting some small prey.

You can drag the end of the toy along the floor for the cat, and she will chase it. Vary up the speed and the direction of which you pull the toy.

Do not make it too easy. Let her win once in a while so that she feels confident and good about her hunting ability. Make sure you offer praise and ear scratches too.

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You can also enjoy some of our lightweight selections for your cat. Kittens or kitties who have limited strength will really love these toys.

You can enjoy mylar balls that are crinkly and pleasing to the ears or some foam soccer balls that cats will love to bat around.

You can also invest in some small toys that feature catnip inside for some more exciting herbal fun. These can keep cats occupied for hours, in some cases.

You do not even have to spend any money on a toy for your cat if you don’t want to. You can ball up an old piece of paper as long as it is not too small to be swallowed. Cats enjoy batting them around.

Cats also love a cardboard box or paper bag. You can set it down and they will crawl into it and use it as a safe hiding place.

Bonus if you have two cats-when one scares the other accidentally it is funny! Seriously, even big cats in the wild love cardboard boxes.

Google “tiger and cardboard box” and check out the videos of tigers playing. Your cat will love it too.

Another thing you must do when playtime is over is put all toys away for your cat. If a toy is always around, it will become not as special, and your cat may very well become bored with it.

Set aside fifteen minutes a day, if you can, to play with your cat. If she wants to play a little longer and you have the time, go for it.

Don’t force playtime if your kitty is not into it. If you’ve got more than one kitty in the household, make sure your cats all have the chance to play and participate.

Indeed, playtime is super important for many reasons.

You not only keep your cat young and well-exercised, but you will improve her stamina, agility, and of course the precious bond you have between you and your cat.


  • Exercise. While cats sleep a lot during the day, it is so important that your cat gets some good exercise as well. This will keep your cat happy and healthy.
  • It’s Funny. Cats are funny creatures, go anywhere on the Internet and watch the cat videos! You will be smiling your whole way through playtime when you get together with your kitty and bust out the laser pointer.
  • You bond. Sure, your cat thinks of herself as a tiger, hunting down all the toys and making sure they don’t escape. But playing will help your cat release tension and aggression. If your kitty is anxious due to a change in household, play will help them feel better. It’s great for socializing kittens and keeping them sharp and smart.

Now it’s time…. check out these fun toys that your cat is sure to enjoy.

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