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Heartbreaking Photo Series Captures Last Moment Of Pets and Their Owners

Heartbreaking Photo Series Captures Last Moment Of Pets and Their Owners

Marquita Leibe paced the room for a little while before bending down to stroke her dog, Daisy, for the last time. Her husband, Donald, crouched next to her.

As Daisy was put to sleep, Donald stepped outside to compose himself.

As Asia was taken out to be buried, sibling Kai could sense something was different. He faithfully followed behind his humans and his friend as they drove slowly through the grass.

After digging a grave on their farm and placing Asia lovingly in it, owner Carrie Peterson dropped sunflowers over her.

“The smell of freshly turned earth is what I remember and how peaceful Asia looked within it,” photographer Ross Taylor.

This picture was taken only moments after Spencer left this world. As owner Leigh Zahn sat with him for one last time, she couldn’t help but weep.

Rebecca Cassity and her husband, Drew, sat together on their couch as they tearfully said goodbye to their faithful dog


“Coco was there for me when he was on deployment,” Rebecca said

In this photo, Cindy and Bob snuggled with their dog Heidi one last time. Heidi looked up at Bob lovingly just moments before she was euthanized.

Their other dog, Winnie, looked in through the glass door.

Wendy Lehr cuddled with her dog, Mimosa, as she said goodbye. Family members surrounded them both.

Wendy said: “It couldn’t be done without their willingness to participate and believe in the project… They have my respect"

Love your pet on time, never regret later.

Image Credit To: Photographer Ross Taylor